Digicel Evil Scam: Are You A Victim?


You may be the next victim of these evil scams. I am pretty sure many Papua New Guineans have fallen victim to these scams. The scams are real and are sent by Digicel. Isn’t it fair to trust a multi-million giant corporation like Digicel just to be scammed in broad day light? Here is the problem: You have trusted Digicel way too much and [...]

Digicel PNG Success Secret: Learn How To Build Your Business Like Digicel PNG


These steps will boost your small business brand and revenue. Late Dr Myles Munroe, a keen supporter of PNG who once came to PNG addressed thousands of people once said; “Graveyard is the richest place on earth. Not the diamond minds in Africa nor oil ligs in the Middle East”. Isn’t it interesting to note that if you don’t [...]

Kina Securities Enlists On ASX and POMSoX


Kina Securities Limited, a leading finance firm in Papua New Guinea has listed on Australia Stock Exchange and Port Moresby Stock Exchange following a successful initial public offering (IPO) as reported by Post Courier and The National and other media in PNG. Kina securities CEO Sydney Yates as reported by Post Courier believes in future growth [...]

O’Neil Govt To Take Over Your Financial Education


O’NEIL Dion government will soon set up a capital market development fund (CDMF) to educate you on how to invest your money in stocks and bonds. But wait! Do you trust the O’Neil Dion government?  It is true that we individuals have no influence over the government. Many a times they use their powers to bulldoze decisions that hurt us [...]

Lynda Babao Is Not The First Lady of Papua New Guinea: Discover The Reason Why


Is it officially right to address Lynda Babao, the wife of Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Peter O’Neil as First Lady? This question tends to pop up frequently in social and print media as well as in every day shy office whispers and acclaimed betelnut speeches on the city streets .  The EL explores the issue and establishes the [...]