Creative StartUp Program

Program 1: Creative Startup Program

Creative Startup Hacks is our 7 tutorials covering all necessary steps any aspiring entrepreneur in PNG needs to know to turn his or her business idea into a marketable product or service that to solves customers problem (s).

Topics covered

  1. Entrepreneurial  mindset
  2. Crystallizing business idea using Lean Canvas
  3. Crafting a winning business plan
  4. Creating a prototype of your business idea and testing it
  5. Building and automating business online
  6. Building your credibility using Authority marketing techniques
  7. Growing your business on and offline

Delivery mode: Via email

Format: PDF

Fee: K50

Payment: To order, email linkpadpng@gmail.com

After you go through your tutorials, you will schedule an hour session with me on Facebook or Watsapp – 70506191, and I’ll answer all your queries.


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