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Many people dream of starting their own business. I too had my dream when I left a well paid job as young a corporate executive. You would say I had it all being a young manager with a multi million kina palm oil company based in West New Britain, Papua New Guinea.

Few months after travelling to Port Moresby with a laptop and a super charged mind, I soon realise building as business is not as easy as it sounds. It took me many rejections and pain and sweat to finally find my space.

When my money ran out, I started looking for ways to create extra income to keep me going in Port Moresby. It turns out, and rather unplanned as it is, I started making money with simple ideas that are often overlooked. From online to offline, I search, tried and adopted strategies worked for me.

Today, I speak to hundreds of people and one of the question I often get asked is, what kept you going during those hard, stressful, lonely days and my answer is simple.


Cut they story short, I ventured into investing and eventually built my own company LinkPad Technologies  & Publishing and currently partner with Pacific Business Review newspaper in a revenue sharing agreement where I run their online venture.

I also self- published few books. 9 STeps to Investing in Stock Market and Student Investor. The latest one is Creative Startup Hacks.

I have travel around some parts of the world and  it amazes me how small to medium term enterprise build the economies of some call  big countries.

I have made it my responsibility to study and share entrepreneurship tips, tools and ideas to help you make a start. This is your starting point. Learning is one thing but implementing what you learn is one thing.

“Dream it, plan it and get up and do it”

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Happy Learning.


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