How I Built My Blog from 0 to 27, 000 Page Views In 6 Months – 5 Key Lessons Learnt


This post shows you 5 key strategies I used to grow my blog from zero to 27, 000 page views in six months.

Before I hit this milestone, all my past blogs ended up dead with no traffic. I had to tell you I put in some freaking back breaking work. What did I get from my effort? Nothing. Pretty frustrating.

About eight months ago, I made a simple discovery that profoundly changed the way I blogged and my perception on online business.  As it turns out, most successful bloggers blog in a certain way. All I did was to codify it. These strategies may sound so simple, but never underestimate the power of these strategies. Remember, these simple strategies took a blog from zero traffic to 27, 000 page views in six months. Note that my goal is to grow site traffic and then monetize it later. I am purely talking site traffic here. Money will soon follow.


Here are lessons I learnt

  1. Write Brutally Engaging Titles
  2. Produce Ever Green Contents
  3. Produce Local Contents
  4. Be Human Not Robot
  5. Don’t be Afraid To Share Your Links in Popular Forums

Lesson # 1 Write Brutally Engaging Titles

Before I started writing engaging titles, here is the fact I found out. An average internet user spends on average about 15 seconds on a website before moving on to next site. According to data by Tony Haile of Chartbeat, people don’t read content on the web the way we think they do. The Chartbeat team looked at random sample of 2 billion pages views generated over a half million articles on 20000 sites and came up with average time of 15 seconds. So the question is, how much can you accomplish in 15 seconds? Nothing much. That means you got to put some serious time into crafting blog titles that are irresistible. That’s what I did. Give your reader no reason not to click your title. Your title should engage your reader in a deeper emotional level.

I was watching Simon Sinek on TED Talk (one of my favorites) and he goes to explain why we do what we do. Interestingly, he goes on further to explain how human brain works. As it turns out, the inner part of the brain called the limbic brain is responsible for emotion or gut decisions as Simon puts. Forbes details it this way “The limbic brain plays a key role in non-verbal communicationA crucial point to remember is that in business, as in our social lives, emotions are the key drivers in decision making”. If your titles address the part of the human brain that address their emotions, you are likely to get them to react in a deeper emotional level that they don’t even realize they do.

You can download Simon’s TED Talk for free HERE.

Why would someone care to click your title? Because it’s about them. Not you. Does the title address their fears and hopes or give them a solution or entertain them? Why? My titled Shocking Truth About BSP is a massive success and has delivered over 20, 000 views in one month and continues to bring thousands of views per month.

Lesson # 2: Produce Ever Green Content

I have been writing for Hubpages for four years now with a healthy passive income, way better then bank interest rates. One key lesson I learnt writing for Hubpages is that ever green content are better earners. Ever green articles are contents that don’t get outdated.

Recently, I read this article by HubSpot blog that knocked me hard. Here’s what the HubSpot blog actually stated;

People engage with newsworthy content more than evergreen contents

Another article in TIME confirmed that.

“Articles that where clicked on and engaged with tend to be actual news”

I wore my better judgment hat. My experiences doing stocks came into play here. It’s more to do with value investing and going for the long term. How? Engagement for news items spike when the news is hot. Soon the news fades away and the engagement plummets. Interesting hey? Evergreen content on the other hand, don’t get much engagement as does value stocks that are not glamorous, but tend to grow slowly and are the real winners at the end.

I only have 15 articles published as I wrote this post, but because I publish ever green contents, the articles gets shared over and over and that brings be free traffic.  Look at these two titles.

  1. Fiji Expected To Win 2015 Pacific Games Rugby Sevens
  2. 10 Success Strategies Used by Fiji Team To Win 2015 Pacific Games Rugby Sevens

The first title is not ever green so people forget it as soon as the game is over. It is a news item. The second one, is ever green because it has the success strategies other teams can use even when the game is over.

Local # 3: Produce Local Content

I found out from my past fail blogs that people actually love to read something that they relate to.  I am talking about local content. Most people in PNG know about BSP or Digicel or maybe Peter O’Neil. Writing about them makes your posts locality relevant. Two of my articles on Digicel and BSP had tens of thousands of monthly views and over 200 shares. I also did an article about Steve Jobs Marketing Strategy, which I thoughts would be a sellout but never did.

Find out from social forums about what people are complaining about most and tailor your posts to address their issues and share in those forums. I did that and my page views jumped up. Just make sure you don’t spam the forums. Be an active participant. While being an active participant, make some solid points and then share link so forum members who want to read in detail follow the link and read it on your blog.

Lesson # 4: Be Human Not A Robot

You know how some academics write? Well if you’ve ever been to a university like me, you would know the way some lecturers write and speak. Straight voice, life-less and some out right boring stuff. Some of you reading this post may have dozed off in the middle of a lecture. Now imagine, you are a lecturer now and that you write a blog post like how that lecturer of yours did and sent you snoring your nostril to pieces? How will your readers react? One more example. If you ever watched a robot movie, can you remember how the robots talk? Well, don’t be one.

Be passionate. Be lively. The way you write says a lot about how much you know your subject. Use case studies, back up your statements with examples and use images to break long texts. If you can, use videos. It makes your posts look neat and professional and that says a lot about you. It makes your readers see that you care about them by making your posts readable, lively and understandable.

Lesson # 5: Don’t be Afraid To Share Your Links in Popular Online Forums

I have a fair bit of following online so you might say it comes easy with me. As a matter of fact, it’s more challenging. Most times, PNG bloggers feel intimidated to share their thoughts in public forums like Facebook. I have been there, done it all. Sometimes you get some nasty comments from people who don’t know you. You have to expect that. They don’t know you and its right for them not to trust what you say. Turn that negative into positive. I try to help them understand my opinion. But if they go to personal attack, I disengage.  At the end of the day, if you be lucky enough to get them to land on your blog, read and comment, you are smart.

Above all, be ‘EMOTIONALLY DETACHED’. Never take your readers’ comments personally be it good or bad.

Ending remarks

So! I hope this post gave you something to take home. It’s easy, but takes work. If you wish to be a serious blogger, adopt these strategies and you would be on your way soon. Do drop few lines below and let me know what you think. And don’t forget to follow my on email so you get updates every time I produce a new blog post here.  Don’t forget to say hi to me on Facebook. Maybe like my page to stay in touch with me.

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4 Comments on How I Built My Blog from 0 to 27, 000 Page Views In 6 Months – 5 Key Lessons Learnt

  1. Robert Leso // April 13, 2016 at 1:08 am // Reply

    This is wonderful. I love reading your voice in the words. They are full of energy, live and motivation. In the coming years, I know that you will be the brainchild and the father of ICT in our nation. I am truly stunned at how you can write son Ian. I am so proud of you. Keep working and advancing. May God bless your talent!


  2. Great stuff for a nice read. Thanks.


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