Hack Your Way To Become An Authority Figure To Earn Big Bucks


There is a very interesting woman that I am working with. She started just like any other young Papua New Guinean women. She went to school, graduated at college, got degree and worked her way up despite all odds to become a company executive with Ela Motors.

When she first came for my Creative Startup Program, she was eager to learn and very passionate to build a business of her own. She had some great ideas but her ideas where bit hazy. It’s been two months now since she came under my mentorship. I hate to break this secret but let me just do it.  She has started working on her first book sharing the pains, gains and success lessons she learnt along the way to become a corporate executive at a tender age. Her aim is to educate and empower young female Papua New Guineans how to succeed in their career and make it to the top. Her book is titled Up Corporate Ladder. Check her Facebook page out and stay updated.

You may be wondering why I am going on about Donna. Well, the answer is simple….AUTHORITY MARKETING…..

She maybe a corporate executive in a multi-million kina company in PNG, but she is seldom known by massive population of young PNG women she intends to serve. They need to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST her before she does business with them. Market research shows that consumers follow a particular behavioral pattern when it comes to buying.

Here’s how things work in the market place.

  1. KNOW- Prospective customers know you
  2. LIKE-If you are good, they like you
  3. TRUST-If you offer value and are legitimate and credible, they trust you
  4. BUY- if they trust you, they will buy from you

What are three things you want to be known for? For Donna, she want to be known for being the go to person for young women empowerment. With her book published, her authority status will be boosted, and she is working to build a business around her book. You need to find this out about yourself and work on using the steps, tips and tools I offered here to build an expert image and start earning good money, both on and offline.

STEP # 1: Build On From Your Vast Experience

Begin with your own experience. You may have worked for an organization for a while. What are you really good at? Can you help teach others the skill you have? This makes you an expert in what you know. Donna is such a fine example. She has been coaching her staff in her work place and now she wants to open up. See the bottom line is that you pick a particular area that you have solid experience. You must be able to share compelling stories about what you are good at and are passionate about and how you can help your customers solve their problem. That is the secret to effective marketing and business success.

STEP # 2: Start Writing

My old man in UPNG said to me, “Ian, if you want to break into Whiteman’s tambaran, you need to write and publish”. Do you need to be an expert writer to start? No. I never was an expert writer when I started. I didn’t even study journalism or even language and literature. I started with what I was good at and taught myself to become a better writer over time.  I go with Robert Kiyosaki’s quote “I am not a best writer but I am a best seller”.  If you are like me, you may want to start building your writing portfolio on freelance site like Hubpages. I write in Hubpages for income. With over 140 articles published, I earn few bucks everyday depending on traffic my site generates. Not only that, I use that as platform to land lucrative freelance writing gigs abroad. Chase up writing opportunities anywhere around the world. Get your feet wet and build your portfolio.

STEP # 3 Publish a Book 

Remember what my old man said, yes. He said write and publish and people will start to respect you. I remember doing my time as a research student in Dami Oil Palm Research Station in Kimbe, my supervisor game me this piece of advice.

Publish or perish

It takes effort and expert knowledge to write and publish a book and if you crack that code, you will be a respectable person in your community and that is the perfect branding strategy for yourself and your business. Here’s my golden tip. Don’t write like a university professor. If someone needs a dictionary to understand terms in your book, than you loss it all.

Step # 4 Start a FREE blog

I started as a freelance writer four years ago and I still am a freelance writer. I did some crappy writing back than but heck, it was all learning process. Now I have built a solid business around my writing.

Blogging is a powerful marketing tool not many Papua New Guineans know.  Blogging about a particular topic establishes you as an expert. Not only than but while researching, you learn more and even develop yourself to someone you had you never thought you could become. Amazing ah! It sure is.

Your blog must be related to your area of business. If you going to offer a poultry consultancy business, you should not start a sports blog. Rather it be a blog related to a particular poultry problem that your business will solve.

Craft catchy titles like ones listed below;

  • 10 Less Known Facts About Poultry Production In PNG
  • Shocking Truths About Poultry Producing Companies in PNG
  • 5 Most Dangerous Poultry Diseases in PNG

To master the art of using Headline Hacks to turn your blog overnight into an unbelievably popular blog. Headline hacks is a smart way to craft post headlines that entice readers to click your post links and read your articles. It brings them to your blog and expose them to your products and services. How good is that? I have used headline hacks to build a blog from nothing to 23, 000+ page views in less than five months.

 Step # 5 Build a professional website

Since Digicel entry to PNG, business and investment environment has changed rapidly. More and more Papua New Guineans are using mobile phones to access internet. That means more prospective clients are at your fingertips.  A professional website makes you stand out among the rest. You website should be simple with a home page, about us, services, blog and contact. Invest some money into building a professional website.

However, it’s said to say that most local website designers overcharge. Yes, you heard me right. They charge way too much. But not to worry, out of frustration, my business partner in United States and I created a business to help PNG SMES or interested individuals. My partner designs world class, professional business websites for PNG SMEs at an unbeatable low price. Contact me for quote.

Offer a free digital product for free download on your website. Can be an eBook or video. Sounds neat? I bet it never gets simpler than this.

Step # 6 Offer to give FREE talks

 When I started my journey as a speaker, I was no one. I was nothing. Heck I was literarily nothing. Did that deter me from achieving my dream of becoming a motivational speaker? Hell not. It was hard getting speaking gigs, so I used my experience and expertise and my little university degree. Hahah. Yes! I said little university degree. I used all of those to offer free gigs to corporate organizations and schools. The rest is history.


Internet has created a leveled playing field for new and old business. All one needs to create smart strategies, and find powerful tools land systems that can boost business growth. Here are the steps and tips you need to build yourself up and start earning good money online.


The above said is just the tip of the iceberg. My tutorial, Creative Startup, of which Donna is part of takes you from business idea stage to creating a product a bringing it to the market place. Read full details here CREATIVE STARTUP PROGRAM.




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  1. Zohra Johnwell Pilyo // June 20, 2016 at 8:05 am // Reply

    HI Ian,

    Fantastic article,
    I enjoyed reading and learning.


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