Sell Your Business like Steve Jobs: 3 Powerful Strategies to Market Your Business for Big Income

Steve Jobs. Photo credit. snip.ly

Steve Jobs. Photo credit. snip.ly

Big money comes with effective marketing and this is how you can do it for big bucks.

“Can you use Steve Jobs presentation strategies to sell your business to earn big money in Papua New Guinea?”

The answer is yes.

I have been privileged to have many met PNG entrepreneurs in my life. One common issue I see is the way PNG entrepreneurs market their business.  Business is all about selling your product and service. If you can’t sell, you better be doing something else than being in business.

Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple is known for his presentation. He is easily the key man behind Apple’s success globally. Part of Apple’s success can be attributed to how Steve Jobs drove his marketing. Steve Jobs is not just a CEO but a master marketer. The site Kissmetrics said this about Jobs.

“His presentations had inspired customers to flock to Apple stores waiting in line for days to be the first to buy the newly released Apple products.  His presentations drove media salivating over Job’s every word”.

In case you are from PNG and wondering how this article is relevant to you, let me say the lessons you learn from Job’s presentation can be modified to suit any condition around the world and PNG is no exception. I personally use Steve Job’s presentation style in doing elevator pitches and I receive good responses.

The reason why I use Job’s strategy is simply because it is simple, straight forward and above all, consumer focused strategy. It is not about you. It is about the customer and his or her problem that your business (product or service) will help solve.

In a nutshell, Jobs tells a story in his presentations. Like a good novel, he introduces the ANTAGONIST, the bad guy or the problem the audience face. He then introduces the HERO which is his product and educates the audience how his product will solve their problem. He concludes his presentation by telling his audience how they can LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Here are three of Steve Job’s presentation strategies

Strategy 1: Introduces the antagonist

Antagonist is the bad guy or the problem members of your audience are facing. How does Jobs do it? If you can remember how iPhone was first introduced by Jobs you will note that he started his presentation with a slide showing all its competitors. He had in his slide Motorola Q, Blackberry, Palm Treo, and Nokia E62. He went on further to describe all the reasons why those products stunk.

From the way he speaks, one can easily note that Jobs studies his competitors’ downfall in detail.  He then use those weakness to build his case, convince his audience and sell his product.

PNG Tip: Can you think of a problem that many people around you face today? Your neighbors, your workmates, classmates etc. Look, listen and observe carefully. Where there is a problem, their lies a money making solution.

Strategy 2: Introduce the hero

Hero is the one who comes along and slays the antagonists as portrayed in stories. Jobs introduces all the problems members of his audience face with his competitors products. Then he offers solutions that blows his audience mind away. His solution (s) help solve the problem (s) the audience face.

PNG Tip:  Discover solution (s) to a common problem where you live. Build your business around ways to solve that issue.

Strategy 3: Live Happily Ever After

Using every day language, Job assures his audience how his solutions will make his audience life simple, easy and efficient.

The effectiveness of Job’s presentation strategy lies in its simplicity, clarity and greater insight about his competitors’ products and his preparation.

Simplicity – He uses everyday language in his presentation.

Clarity – He never clutters his slides with paragraphs after paragraphs. He uses more images than words

Insights – His in-depth knowledge about his competitors’ products helps his make comparisons that are true to his audience knowledge and instantly wins their favor

Preparation– Jobs is said to be notorious in his presentation. The result speaks for itself.

Hope you learnt something useful in this post. Do share and pass it on.

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2 Comments on Sell Your Business like Steve Jobs: 3 Powerful Strategies to Market Your Business for Big Income

  1. Marshall Sangsangio // January 14, 2016 at 3:12 am // Reply

    I found your articles to be informational and valuable. I was planning to start new business but was stuck on how to start. After having read your articles , I am prepared to take the risks and challenges to start a small business.


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