5 Indisputable Reasons Why Papua New Guinean Men Should Respect Their Women

Happy couple. Photo credit: Flickr

Happy couple. Photo credit: Flickr

These are the 5 indisputable reasons why Papua New Guinea men should respect their women.

This post was inspired by one post we did about Papua New Guinea women titled 10 Critical Challenges Faced Dealing with Women in Papua New Guinea. The feedback we received from our readers, especially the women readers prompted us to publish this post. Hope this post brings awareness to Papua New Guinean men and boys so that greater respect and love is given to our womenfolk.

  1. See fine details about life

One character about women we can be sure of is that women tend to pick up microscopic details about life that men easily miss. Because of the fact that Papua New Guinea is a male dominated society that exercises “big man culture”, men tend to have bigger expectations about life and easily miss out small things that really matter to themselves and their family and relatives.  The women’s ability to see small, yet very necessary details about life goes a long way to maintain good moral standing of their men and for this reason, women in Papua New Guinea deserve respect from men.

  1. Behind great men are women

Obviously, a good supportive and understanding woman is worth more than gold to her man. The old saying “Behind every great men is a good woman” holds true in many society including Papua New Guinea. Because of the masculine nature of men, many most man in Papua New Guinea tend not to show their emotional weakness that may affect their physical and mental wellbeing. A good supportive women can provide understanding ears to her men and ease his pressures in life so that her men focus on bigger things in life that benefits himself, his family and his country. If this is the case, then women deserve respect from men.

  1. Great caregivers, compassionate and nurturing

Because of their feminine nature, women naturally tend to be caregivers, compassionate and very nurturing. However, some men in Papua New Guinea tend to capitalize on this trait and disrespect women. You will sometimes hear Papua New Guinea men referring to their women as “boss blo haus kuk” (The Kitchen’s boss); which is in all logical sense is totally degrading and demoralizing if used in context of big man culture. The power of women to be caregivers, compassionate and nurturing should not be taken for granted as women are great nation builders who are often the unsung heroes.  It is for this reason that women in Papua New Guinea deserve respect from men.

  1. Women reflect their men

Because of their biological make ups, men and women occupy completely opposite extremes of life, with women being emotional beings and submissive and men being emotionally tough and physically aggressive. However different they maybe, some women tend to reflect their men. Very generally speaking, women that tend to marry professional men tend to reflect their man by keeping an appropriate standard that is acceptable in her man’s circle of professional friends and colleagues. Take wives of diplomats and corporate executives as examples. On the other extreme, average Papua New Guinean man who ignores his health, finance, happiness and dignity will expect his women to have DON’T CARE attitude because that’s what her men displays.

  1. Unselfish action

Time and again we hear or experience unselfish acts by Papua New Guinean women towards their men or children or even strangers. A women in a big city like Port Moresby can go hungry to put food on their table or cloth and send her children to school. How many times do Papua New Guinean men take time to stop and appreciate these unselfish actions by our mothers, wives and sisters or work colleagues? In most times, we don’t. How many times does the society we live in accord accolades of appreciation to these unsung heroes? You can think for yourself.

In closing, we say Papua New Guinea has come of age. Many things are changing in our country. As such, our attitude towards our women should also change. Our womenfolk must be accorded the respect they need so they can rise up to their full potential to help their family, their men and their country.

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4 Comments on 5 Indisputable Reasons Why Papua New Guinean Men Should Respect Their Women

  1. Loujaya Kouza // August 17, 2015 at 4:13 am // Reply

    PNG men and women in the now generation have come of age in realizing the protocols of gender towards balanced human development.We are wired for different purposes and work in compliment together.until that is accepted and facilitated we will continue our imbalance into the next generation. Pointing out the missed elements worth appreciating, Ian Dabasori Hetri has pressed the pause button for our men to reflect on whats worth doing more of!


  2. Appreciate your woman because women are a force. When underestimated and hiding their light under a bushel, we continuously miss out the untapped potential that is a woman. PNG men should also respect your woman because once a woman is loved and given reason beyond doubt that you are a team, her intensity and yours creates a drive that is unstoppable, reaching heights beyond anyone’s imagination . A woman does not need a man to survive, if we want to, we can be independent, pay our own bills, walk that lifes journey without a care in the world. If your woman has looked at you, man, and decided that you are worth it, don’t take it for granted. A woman can be your greatest trial and nemesis…she can also be your greatest ally.


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