Digicel Evil Scam: Are You A Victim?

Customers in front of a Digicel office. Photo credit: Digicel Panama website

Customers in front of a Digicel office. Photo credit: Digicel Panama website

You may be the next victim of these evil scams.

I am pretty sure many Papua New Guineans have fallen victim to these scams.

The scams are real and are sent by Digicel. Isn’t it fair to trust a multi-million giant corporation like Digicel just to be scammed in broad day light?

Here is the problem: You have trusted Digicel way too much and have let down your guard and someone other than Digicel seized the opportunity to scam you.

Putting things straight, these scams are not from Digicel and I can prove that once and for all.

In March 5, 2013, Digicel PNG Limited released a Media Statement warning the general public in PNG about the SMS scams.


The company warned;

As per Digicel recent observation, opportunists have come up with various scams to steal money from Digicel’s valued customers. These scams attempt to induce Digicel customers to send credits by promising that they would receive crash price money which is as per SMS would be worth K25, 000 and K50, 000. Once the customer sends his or her top up and bank details across, the scammer changes his mobile number and no transaction done”

It is very unfortunate to note that some highly educated Papua  New Guineans have already fallen victim to such an evil act by unscrupulous participants.

So how can you protect yourself from such scams?

John Mangos, the man behind the red machine once warned;

“Digicel will never asked its customers to send top up credits or bank details”

Let’s put this into perspective. Digicel earns hell lot of money per day. Hundreds of thousands or maybe millions per day.

Question is: Who are you for Digicel to come ask for credit? Well you think about it!

The truth remains brutally clear that Digicel will never ask you for credit and your account number.

If it does, than it’s not Digicel, it’s a scam.

Tips to avoid being scammed

1. Be warned if a strange number (not 72222 Digicel series) tells you that  you have won a cash prize. If you have not entered a mobile competition, why do you expect to win a windfall?

2. Be warned if a strange number asks for your account details. In todays internet powered world, giving away your bank details is very serious. You may end having some smart guys using technology to wipe out all your lifetime savings. It happens a lot in overseas countries and PNG is no exception.

3. Never give your personal phone number away to strangers

4. Don’t be ignorant to scam alerts give out to public by Digicel.


1. Digicel will never ask for top up from you

2. Digicel will never ask for your bank account details

3. If it does, than it’s an evil scam

Hope you found the post useful. Please share with fellow Papua New Guineans.



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6 Comments on Digicel Evil Scam: Are You A Victim?

  1. Please send me any update regarding the heading…its frightening…


  2. Karu Philly // August 5, 2015 at 5:34 am // Reply

    That’s very true, we should be very careful when messaged are sent to our phones.


  3. The EntrepreneurLink // August 6, 2015 at 1:57 am // Reply

    Appreciate your comment karu.


  4. Tom Monemone // August 6, 2015 at 2:47 am // Reply

    Cyber crime is a global phenomenon that has reared its ugly face on our shores.


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