O’Neil Govt To Take Over Your Financial Education

O’NEIL Dion government will soon set up a capital market development fund (CDMF) to educate you on how to invest your money in stocks and bonds.

But wait! Do you trust the O’Neil Dion government?  It is true that we individuals have no influence over the government. Many a times they use their powers to bulldoze decisions that hurt us little people.

But than again, it is wrong to write off all government initiatives as corrupt and not far reaching. The O’Neil Dion government according to many social media comentators and those in print as well as radio and TV openly praised the incumbent government.  The O’Neil Dion government also got its baptism of brutal criticism from here and abroad due to its truck loads of allegations, most of which remain unsolved and mysterious to simple people.

So ‘trust’ remains yet another issue for the incumbent government.

Last week during the parliament session, the minister for trade, commerce and industry, Richard Maru, while introducing the Securities Commission Bill 2015 made a very important announcement that went largely unnoticed my the mainstream media.

Ok. It’s not the Sowereign Wealth Fund which both Post Courier and The National gave front page coverage.

What we are interested about is announcement by minister Maru regarding the establishment of CMDF. The Securities Commission Bill 2015 passed last week provides for establishment of CMDF.

“The proposed bill provides for the establishment of a capital market development fund, which is intended to educate Papua New Guineans about the capital market and it’s business” the minister announced.

With the establishment of CMDF, the commission will partner with educational institutions to educate Papua New Guineans on procedures and processes and to have access to capital markets and partake in buying and selling of stock and bonds.

The initiative looks noble as our education system has failed terribly over the years to fill the void on investment education.

However,  the question that begs to be answered is; Can we really trust the O’Neil Dion government?

Our deduction is such that it is not necessary. Why?

Because it is not the politicians that will come and teach you about how to invest for your future. They will instead engage teachers, trainers and industry experts to work under the Commission to educate you.

It is yourself who will be responsible for your education and your financial future. The government can only do much in terms of policy mechanisms. But you are the only one on earth responsible for your future.

In all fairness, we put the truckload of uncleared allegations of the incumbent government aside and we see a government  that is seeking to create enabling policy mechanisms that will elevate the living standard of its citizens where they are taught and actively and equitably  participate in the local financial market.

Here is a key question to ponder.

Are you ready for this opportunity or still blaming the government, your family, your past or even the devil for all the miseries and misfortunes in your life?

Unless you become responsible for yourself, this is just another opportunity that will come and go and you will still be where you are blaming others.

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