7 Unknown Secrets About Justin Tkatchenko That Helped Him Prove Pacific Games Doubters Wrong

Minister for Sports & Pacific Games and National Events, Justine Tkatchenko. Photo credit. PNG Loop website

Minister for Sports & Pacific Games 2015 and National Events, Justin Tkatchenko. Photo credit. PNG Loop website

Just how did Justin Tkatchenko pulled through despite stark criticism to succefully host IX Pacific Games in style and proved his critiques wrong? The EL answers this question in this post.

The XV Pacific Games started with a spectacular opening. It was something many Papua New Guineans coudn’t find words to express. Tears fell freely. Emotion ran high as millions across the country and abroad stood united under one flag, despite 800+ different languages and cultures.

Papua New Guinea again rose up to meet the challenge head on as it always does despite criticism from here and abroad; hosting the biggest ever sporting event in the Pacific Region.

IX Pacific Games opening in Port Moresby, PNG. Photo credit. ABC website

XV Pacific Games opening in Port Moresby, PNG. Photo credit. ABC website

However good the story is, stark criticisms where aimed at one man right from the start.

He is none other than minister for Sports, Pacific Games 2015 and National Events, honorable Justin Tkatchenko.

In an interview with Business Melanesia magazine (BM) after the Games, the minister revealed his secrets. The EL distilled the interview, picking out 7 success traits that made him succeed in this mammoth challenge as a first time politician.

Putting away all the negatives aside, we ask;

“What can we as ordinary Papua New Guineans learn from the minister’s experience?

This question forms the basis for this article.

Here are 8 key lessons we can learn from the minister.

1. See Big Picture

The minister had a big picture right from the start. Something many Papua New Guineans failed to see. Even authorities in sporting fraternity in the region failed to see his vision as he recounts in his interview with BM.

“I had a problem with Vida Lakhan in the beginning because he was very negative. He couldn’t see the big picture”

Vidya is the President of the Pacific Games Council. The minister kept his vision big despite criticism and doubts.

Success Tip: Embrace criticism but keep your vision  BIG and never let your critiques reduce the size of your dream.

2. Push Away Self Doubt

The minister wasted no time telling BM that there was lot of doubters right from the start.

“There was lot of doubters behind computer screens and complaining all day”

The minister didn’t buy into the naysayers doubt filled minds and sharp tongues. Doing so would have cost his self-confidence and image of PNG in  the international community. He explained in the interview that it is all about having faith in one self  and implementing ones plans. By keeping totally engaged in implementing his plans, he indirectly watered down the naysayers doubts.

Success Tip: If you know what you doing is right, keep busy with your plans and rest will fall in place.

3. Seek Support

The minister’s thinking here goes in line with the old saying that goes like”

“No man is an island”

When he, Justin Tkatchenko, was finally given the OK by the government, he quickly asked for full suport from Prime Minister, Peter O’Neil as well as the finance and treasury department as he told BM. The government, through the national Executive Council gave him the suport his asked for.

He later told BM this;

“If I had not done that, this Games would not have happened”

Success Tip: Never be afraid to ask because it is by asking that you get answers.

4. Engage Best Mind and Talent

When Justin Tkatchenko was given the ministry in September 2012, he only had two years to build massive sporting infrastructure before 2015 and that alone fueled the ever burning fire of doubters. He set out to engage best minds and talents to get the job done on time and he got what he bargained for as the result of the Games spoke for itself.

He says;

“I bought in the best- we got the best and we moved forward and we ensured that we never going to fail”

5. Implement Plans Immediately

When he finally assembled the team he wanted, he set out immediately to execute his plans. Here’s what he told BM;

“For me I am an implementor. I don’t believe in sitting down and doing nothing”

He got out there, got his hands dirty and got the massive 22 infrastructure projects and facilities completed in time before the Games.

Success: If you plan it-Do it. Success is the result of doing.

6. Be Persistent

One commendable trait the minister showed all throughout despite criticism was his ability to tenaciously hold onto his big picture. He kept assuring Papua New Guineans that the everything was going to be completed on time for the Games. He never at one time sounded like he had doubt.

Success Tip: Your plan will get your there. Persistence will keep you there until you get result.

7. Always Do Check-Balance

Much remains to be said about the safety requirements and other things about the facilities.

In his interview with BM, the minister stated that there where checks and balances done all throughout.

“So we had three cross check and balances to ensure no one was cheating anywhere” He stated

Whether this be true or not remains a mystery to many ordinary Papua New Guineans here and abroad but the the fact of the matter is the IX Pacific Games has been delivered on time and in a way never seen before in PNG and the Pacific Region.

That makes us ask the question “are there anything positive to learn from minister’s experience and the answer is yes. And we have picked out the 7 for you.

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17 Comments on 7 Unknown Secrets About Justin Tkatchenko That Helped Him Prove Pacific Games Doubters Wrong

  1. Well done Minister. And yes, these are great tips for business & life.


  2. Very impressed, thank you for this insight.


  3. Raymond Haoda // August 1, 2015 at 6:10 am // Reply

    Definitely the action Minister.


  4. What’s number 5?


  5. Great summary and deduction, good homegrown article!


    • The EntrepreneurLink // August 1, 2015 at 11:39 am // Reply

      Hi Kyle
      We grateful for your time here and your kind comments. We make it our aim to bring our positives in negatives splashed over by PNG media. Again, thanks.


  6. has the tools to be at the very top one day. such individuals give hope to ordinary people that not all fruits are rotten and falling off a tree. whats next justin ‘the justice’ tkatchenko?


  7. Loujaya Kouza // August 10, 2015 at 1:07 pm // Reply

    A balanced and insightful presentation for reader assessment and empowerment


  8. We need more committed and honest political leaders like JT to move PNG forward. JT u 2 gud u a.


  9. If we have at least ten ministers like Justin, our country will see reduced corruption and fast development. This article summerises everything we have seen and i wish he still remains sports minister in any government formed.
    And to the author, you are so smart. Very excellent summary! !


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