10 Critical Challenges Of Dealing With Women In Papua New Guinea


Here are 10 critical challenges faced by those who deal with women in Papua New Guinea. The EntrepreneurLink did an exclusive interview with Ruby Matane, an award-winning woman advocate in Papua New Guinea. These are the 10 critical challenges she pointed out. Irrational Beliefs “Women don’t see the need for change. When their minds are [...]

Hack Your Way To Become An Authority Figure To Earn Big Bucks


There is a very interesting woman that I am working with. She started just like any other young Papua New Guinean women. She went to school, graduated at college, got degree and worked her way up despite all odds to become a company executive with Ela Motors. When she first came for my Creative Startup Program, she was eager to learn and very [...]

How Much Sex Is Normal For A PNG Couple In A Week?


  Many couples, not only in Papua New Guinea (PNG) but elsewhere around the world wonder secretly about how many times it is healthy to have sex in a week. We took the pain to shed some light into these critical question. On August 31, 2012, Dr Laurie Mintz, a specialist in Stress and Sex quoted some interesting statistic from Kinsley [...]

5 Indisputable Reasons Why Papua New Guinean Men Should Respect Their Women


These are the 5 indisputable reasons why Papua New Guinea men should respect their women. This post was inspired by one post we did about Papua New Guinea women titled 10 Critical Challenges Faced Dealing with Women in Papua New Guinea. The feedback we received from our readers, especially the women readers prompted us to publish this post. Hope [...]

Shocking Truth About BSP


If you are a BSP customer, you seriously need to read this. This concerns your money in BSP bank. “When we first wanted to paint the bank green, everyone thought we were crazy” These where the words of former CEO of Bank South Pacific (BSP), Ian Clyne during a media briefing in Port Moresby. Bank South Pacific has a colorful history in Papua [...]

5 Reasons Why PNG ICT Sector Will Create More Young Millionaires


The boom in information, communication and technology (ICT) sector in Papua New Guinea is set to create more young millionaires as opposed  to other low growth sectors. Here are 5 reasons why  ICT will create more young millionaires in coming decades. 1.Young Papua New Guineans are very receptive to ICT innovation Kids these days are more  IT [...]